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Get Outside

Flagstaff’s stunning nature makes it a hidden paradise for running, hiking, biking, camping, climbing and even cross-country and downhill skiing. Explore the legendary 446-kilometer Grand Canyon National Park by river, tour, hike and more. Just 97 kilometers away, Flagstaff is a popular base for canyon visits. Head to the top of the Arizona Snowbowl in summer for views of Grand Canyon’s north rim and take advantage of the Snowbowl’s exceptional skiing in winter. Discover prehistoric cliff dwellings and pueblos at nearby Walnut Canyon National Monument and Wupatki National Monument. Be bowled over by views of Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, a volcanic cone over 300 meters tall. The San Francisco Peaks north of the city contain Arizona’s highest mountains and are a good choice for advanced hikers.


A Dose of Culture

Tour downtown’s historic streets, leaving from the Visitor’s Center, housed in the vintage railroad depot. Get the story on old structures and browse unique shops and galleries. Flagstaff is also home to several worthy museums, among them the nationally accredited Museum of Northern Arizona dedicated to the art and culture of the Colorado Plateau, the distinctive red rock region that makes up the four corners of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. Visit the Lowell Observatory at night to watch the stars. And don’t leave the area without traveling down Route 66, which cuts right through the city and features classic motels, museums, diners and more.


Eat & Drink

Flagstaff boasts a sophisticated restaurant scene, representing ethnic cuisines from around the world, high-end dining and vibrant farm-to-table and even forest-to-table (foraged) offerings. Try Criollo Latin Kitchen for Latin-inspired meals with fresh, local ingredients or Diablo Burger, whose beef comes straight from nearby Diablo Trust Ranch. Wash it down with a craft beer from Mother Road Brewing Company on the original Route 66 roadway (and one of eight breweries downtown).

Fun Fact

Cruising down Route 66
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Nearly 23 kilometers of the famous Route 66 runs directly through Flagstaff, the city with the highest elevation on the historic route.

A peek inside Lowell Observatory
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Pluto was discovered in 1930 at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff.

Aerial view of Flagstaff and its historic train station
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Flagstaff derived its name from a flag raising ceremony held by a group traveling through the area on July 4, 1876 in celebration of the USA’s centennial. A pine tree was chosen to serve as a flagstaff.

Falls Peak and aspen trees on an Autumn day in Flagstaff
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