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Zip Line Adventures

Thrill seekers, rejoice. Puerto Rico’s central region is home to the Toro Verde Adventure Park in Orocovis. The park features eight zip lines, including one of the longest in the world. Fly over green valleys with mountain views super-hero style on the two biggest zip lines, or soar through and play in the treetops on the park’s other adventure courses. Tanamá River National Park in Utuado also features an extensive zip line course, as well as cave tubing and rappelling.


Laid-back Charms

Looking for adventure that’s a little less heart-pumping? Take in scenic views along the hiking trails of the Toro Negro Forest. Feel the gentle spray of the three-level Doña Juana Waterfall. Or climb the observation deck of the Mirador Villalba-Orocovis for a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and all the beauty in between. In Utuado, head to Río Abajo State Forest for hiking, bird watching and cave exploration.


Coffee Education

With a climate that’s perfect for bean growing, the area around Utuado is the epicenter of Puerto Rico’s coffee production. Coffee plantations here are known as “haciendas,” and the Hacienda Horizonte is a working coffee plantation in the mountains that also includes guest lodging, as well as tours and tastings. Family-run coffee plantation Hacienda Café Gran Batey allows visitors to see the full range of coffee production, from bean to bag. Learn even more about coffee production at the Coffee Museum in Ciales and taste some local cups at the on-site coffee shop.


Discover Indigenous Culture

To understand Puerto Rico today, it’s important to understand the island’s past. Spend some time at Caguana Indigenous Ceremonial Park in Utuado to see one of the island's most precious Taíno legacies. The Taíno were the original inhabitants of the island, with a history stretching back more than 800 years. The park features 10 ceremonial plazas, numerous well-preserved petroglyphs, a small museum and a botanical garden.


Savor Local Cuisine

Develop a taste for comforting local cuisine with a visit to an area restaurant such as La Sombra. The popular spot is known for serving area favorites, including fried chicken, pork, chorizo and pavochón sausages. Also popular is Casa Bavaria, a German bar that infuses its dishes with Puerto Rican flavors, all served in a setting with stunning mountain views. In Ciales, stop by the unassuming Casa Vieja for traditional dishes such as pasteles (tamale-like creations of masa with fillings that might include meat, raisins, chickpeas, olives or capers) and longaniza (a local sausage that’s similar to chorizo) – all paired with stunning mountain views.

Fun Fact

The view from the Mirador Villalba-Orocovis observation deck in Puerto Rico
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The Mirador Villalba-Orocovis observation deck is 1,219 meters above sea level.

Exhibits at the Museo del Café (coffee museum) in Ciales, Puerto Rico
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The majority of Puerto Rico’s coffee production is centered in the central mountains region.

Exploring the Tanama River in Utuado
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15 towns make up the central mountains region: Adjuntas, Aguas Buenas, Aibonito, Barranquitas, Cayey, Ciales, Cidra, Comerío, Corozal, Florida, Jayuya, Morovis, Naranjito, Orocovis and Utuado.

Mountain and forest views in Jayuya, Puerto Rico
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